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Rosarita Ring, Size 7.5

Rosarita Ring, Size 7.5

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Luscious ring featuring a crimson Rosarita stone set in sterling silver.

The double band makes it comfortable and easy to wear every day.

Slightly oxidized for contrast, this is a beautiful one of a kind ring that will definitely turn a few heads.

23mm by 14mm at its widest points
Size: 7.5 US

About Rosarita: 

Rosarita is a unique by-product of the gold refining processes from the 1960s and 1970s. Its base material consists of silica (quartz particles) which mixed with gold at high temperatures results into a glassy like material with luscious rich red colour. Modern refinery processes have improved considerably since then and Rosarita is no longer produced, making it a desirable and collectable material.

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